The Worst Part

Today’s Post on Street Psychiatry ~ talking more about Chris Cornell, music in general, and feeling like my childhood is overdosing and committing suicide. I’m so grateful for the music, though.

Street Psychiatry

You know what the worst part is? (For me, at least.)  When I want to cry, and I can’t.  I am the world’s biggest crier.  I sob at beautiful flowers, songs, sad crap, funny crap, and King Kong being murdered (I’m not joking, I did.) However, right now, my eyes are painfully stinging, but no tears.  I have an odd side effect to medication. I could be the saddest human being in the world, and I won’t shed a tear.  I have been to funerals,  completely unable to get out my sadness.  I think it is related to my ability to shut off my emotions, and I suspect the medication makes it easier for me to disassociate.  “I feel like a robot”

Right now, I am watching a video of Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell performing Hunger Strike with Pearl Jam.  I am dry sobbing right now. Has anyone else…

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