The Noodler – May 25, 2017

Daily Prompt – Impression

The idea is every day, I will post a “noodler” – a provocative question, hoping to inspire interaction and response.  I will respond for me in my comments, and you can respond in comments, or re-blog with your response and ask your readers to participate too.  Not to get on my soapbox, but I just think we need to spend more time asking questions, and less time thinking about Donald Trump’s latest tweet.

Today’s Noodler:

Do you believe that first impressions are the most important? When you meet someone, are you accurate in your impressions? Are impressions and judgments the same, or is there a difference?

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5 thoughts on “The Noodler – May 25, 2017

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  1. I’ve always thought I was a terrible judge of character – my first impressions of people are usually optimistic and positive, and ultimately I find myself deceived, hurt, etc. I think most people do try to make a really good first impression, hence the honeymoon phase in relationships. In terms of friends, I usually have that impression of “This person will be my friend forever” and I’m usually right (not that I have a lot of friends)

    I realize though, that I always do look for the best in people. I don’t think my impression is wrong, to me, impression is that gut feeling, but I think my judgment is lacking. Just because a person could be a diamond in the rough, doesn’t mean that they are at that moment. I think my empathetic nature gets me in trouble in that regard. My impression is, “This is a good person” and my judgment is “Let me help them be the best!” and then things suck.


  2. I will bite on this one. 😉

    Yep, first impressions are absolutely judgments IMHO. We have a filter that sorts bits of data. The word judgment gets a bad rap. First impressions (judgments) needn’t be permanent – which is where we humans can get bogged down. I think our very survival relies on first impressions. In a few seconds we have “feel”something about our surroundings, who we encounter, smells, sounds, etc. We should trust that spine-tingling sense that creeps out of nowhere. We should also be ready to reassess and rearrange the data we are sorting.

    Believe me, I don’t make great first impressions. I am always pleasantly surprised, though, when someone transcends a blah impression of me in favor of something a bit more kindly.

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    1. 😊😊 you are right – I think that reassessment is where I usually fall short. I do know though – every time I’ve felt that tingly sensation it’s been dead on – I’ve always thought that was so amazing.

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      1. Yep. We shouldn’t force ourselves to suppress that feeling although I have done so many times in my life. Nice thing about getting older…I can live with being a little less compliant! 🙂


  3. I can’t help but think of the expression “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”

    For some reason I think it was even a commercial tagline some time in the 70s. I’m old and I have bits of memory from very weird stuff. Lol.

    To me it’s about instinct and the feeling you get when you first meet someone and unfortunately we all have preconceived notion’s and perceptions that we carry with us. Sometimes it’s these biases that keep us from seeing the good in someone who’s really good or from seeing the bad in someone who’s not so good.

    The older I get, the more I can adapt and change. Opposite than most who get more set in their ways overtime. I finally realize through hindsight sometimes that first impressions are often misleading.


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