The Man of My Dreams…

It’s insane I’m sure, to tell you,

I want to marry a man who doesn’t know me

My man is a man who will sit in my flames

Shivering, chattering, “I am freezing”

Why should I drown in oceans of tears,

When I can float in depths of madness?

I don’t need the boat of any belligerent boys

“Saving” as they lazily call me crazy

I have the maelstrom in my mind

I have the winds of his words, guiding

My mast and sail with compass heart and eye

I see a world in paths and curves,

Winding, melting, blending

I see a sky littered in pearls

Turned in the tongues of my sadness

It isn’t easy to love a girl who’s insane,

There’s many who could tell you

Scarred and burned from my tongues of flame

Frozen now in memories of misery

She’s a puzzle with rounded edges

But, I’ve been insane for far too long,

Wasting I Love You’s on the lazy


I’ll keep my hands to myself, as his music I’ll play, fore

A bullet and Puscifer are not my definition of crazy



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