Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

If you have not read Echo by Kent Wayne, now is the perfect time to get your shit together! I cannot recommend Echo enough – it’s a fantastic read, lots of violence, but not just a gratuitous John Woo, blow everything & your mother up kind of way, but a lot of thought provoking personal destruction/development plot. It’s a fantastic and cool sci-fi world, and one hell of an immersive read! Get it now! (also follow Kent, and check out his fantastic abs on Man Child Monday…just sayin’) hahahhahaha

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

For the past several months, mountain ranges have been disappearing, one after the other.  Well not so much disappearing as being reduced to shards of cracked, fragmented rock.  Geologists have been working 24/7 to try and figure out what the hell is going on, and a general mood of fear has descended upon the international populace.  I’ve been tapped to accompany one of the field research teams to try and ascertain the nature of this unnerving destruction.  No one has yet seen a mountain range disappear; they’ve only observed its shattered remains.  Currently, my chopper is buzzing in low as I sweep through a desolate patch of uninhabited Antarctic.  Suddenly, we see a mountain collapsing in on itself, accompanied by cries of, “You like that?  YOU LIKE THAT??? Take it!  Take it you dirty, filthy—AAAAAAOOOOHHHGAAAAAWDD!!!!”  The pilot and I exchange looks, and he guides us in toward the collapsing storm of rock…

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