If you’ve commented lately and I (rudely) did not reply to you, apparently you’ve been sitting in my spam folder. I always forget this function, and here, I had like 20 comments just rotting away in spam jail 😦

Now that I’ve “Not spammed” them, I have to somehow figure out how to find them and reply to them, which is cool, because I’m super-duper tech savvy.  What with the clicking, and the pointing.  I just started pinteresting (is that a word?) today.  I am clearly ahead of these interweb trend curves.  I wish I had never started, but I did find some great infographics for chakras and crystals.  I give myself a week of regular usage and it will go the way of instagram – forgotten.

I guess, that could mean that I’m spam in someone else’s folder too.  It’s the WordPress version of crabs.  Anyhoo, given this is largely an irrelevant post, please enjoy these amazing images:


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