So You Want Help? Pt II

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Normal is a word that causes a lot of distress for everyone.  The problem is, though, no one seems to actually know what normal is.  Most seem to chase the illusion of normal like a greyhound chasing the rabbit.  My favorite quote is: “Normal is an illusion, what is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.”  Like happiness, normal can be externalized, and it should not be.  If you use others as a standard or source of either, you will always find yourself lacking.

Like many externalize the definition of normal, they diminish their personal power by externalizing the source of help.  There is a false belief that medication alone is a cure. In addition to pharmaceuticals, self medication is pervasive and problematic, because neither can adequately address root causes.  When someone struggles with their mind and moods, it can feel out of control and powerless…

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