So You Want Help?

Today’s post on StreetPsychiatry!

Street Psychiatry

Do you know who the #1 expert to talk to if you need help?

It’s you.

We seem to think we’re sick.  No one is sick, and no one is their illness.  If you are a bottle of coke, your illness/diagnosis/symptoms are ingredients.  You are the delicious bubbly liquid.  When it comes to mental illness, we seem to think that we are too sick to be any kind of experts on anything, yet we are all experts on at least one subject in this universe – yourself.

When it came to being “sick”, I wanted to understand EVERY single facet of this.  You’re not going to slap a life altering diagnosis that commits me to likely a lifetime of taking medication without me covering some basics.  In this process, I have become an advocate for myself, I’ve helped a lot of my friends get the correct kind of help, I’ve…

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