New Author Alert

I decided to let my kids take a stab at blogging.  Shock is going to post here, too.  Take it away…Shock!

hi everybody!  it’s shock here.

let’s make a potion!We’ll need …

  • witch nails
  • toots
  • celery
  • butts
  • a pot with  a spoon

crunch up the witchnails.then put the toots and witchnails into the butts.shread the celery until it’s a liquid then put everything into the pot and stir the potion for 72 seconds and 2 and half minutes then taste it have other people try it too!.


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      1. I believe I may have created a monster. She was like “how many likes did I get mom? when can I write my next post?” hehehe, I’m glad I let her do this, she was so happy writing her little potion. I’ll consult with her after school about your kids nails ;P

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