“Modern” Medicine

Using modern technology to get into old wisdom 😉 My next piece on Street Psychiatry – please follow them, so many great authors!

Street Psychiatry

I will be the first person to admit that I am not tech savvy.  I call myself a caveman with an iPhone all the time.  Like everyone, I’m kind of hooked on my blinking rectangle.  Between Facebook and texts, I’m inundated with reading crap.  One day, I actually realized it makes my anxiety worse.  I have this need to respond to texts right away, or I feel rude.  I hate being so accessible, but we kind of all are.  I look at everything in life as a tool or a weapon, depending on how it is used.  When it comes to my phone and technology in general, I decided I had to overhaul myself.

It’s incredible the access we have to information and knowledge.  It also opens the door to me meticulously analyzing myself, Dr. Googling and diagnosing myself, and distracting myself from my emotions.  It’s much easier to put…

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