Once again, she stole my brain hahaha this is fantastic. I’m so so glad to connect with so many brave warrior women who are so honest and beautiful ❤️❤️😊


Back when….life was just wonderful. I was batshit crazy, but had no idea that I was! So, in my happy little world of talking to strangers, making friends with arbitrary people I decided were ‘great’ by the clothes they wore, whilst waiting for the train, all seemed perfectly normal for me. Life was FUN. Well I was having a ball going shopping in my P.J’s, singing down the aisles TO the food, and I thought everyone looking strangely at me, found me ‘interesting ‘! ‘Why did they all look so glum?’  I wondered.

Ive always had a loud personality. I’ve always had loads of friends who I’d entertain with toast and salt, because, to me, that was….well it’s what we ate, whilst sitting on the floor in my lounge, instead of on the sofas listening to loud music. Some of my friends thought me eccentric, bold, fun, fearless, and to…

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