The Garden of Good and Evil

My garden was untended, the weeds grew unabated

Dandelions’ depression sprouted, upon the fluffy wisps, I wished and waited

But muddy madness left my thirst for peaceful passage un-sated

Ethereal, earthy eternity choking crabgrass clearly obfuscated

By arachnids of anxiety, cobwebs in the clutter, hope now decimated

The rains of regret pushing pain as precipitation precipitated

In the rain’s bow of my garden’s dew, hope springs unabated

Digging in the dirt, filth in every fingertip, plucking weeds till placated

Raining down roses of renewal, turn dandelions of depression into a thirst sated

Muddy madness remains, planting hands into Mother Earth elated

Breathe soft as a butterfly, with the winds of change, til cobwebs eradicated

In the light of the moon, in the warmth of the sun, this garden will grow love unabated







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