Breath of Fire

With a liars tongue, you licked my ear with saliva made of venom

You whispered I cannot, as you nibbled and devoured

You snacked upon my memories and turned them into regrets

Your words like claws inside my mind, scarring as you scratched

I breathed in and said, Yes I can


You grabbed my neck and twisted, snapping vertebrae to look back

“See the mess you’ve made here? You are broken with no worth”

That tongue now licked my wrists, with razors for your lips

My veins pulsed in protest, the arteries cried for release

I breathed out and said, No you cannot


You pulled my eyes from their sockets and painted my world black

You sucked the oxygen from my lungs, and let my chest collapse

You tore my joy from my chest, before I could even feel it

You chewed the taste right off my tongue and left me in starvation

Your venom turned my stomach to acid, as the blood began to rot

You told me that this is the best I’ve got

I breathed in and I said No it’s not


With a saw, you carved my mind in two separate pieces

To the left I ran, with ideas and abulations

To the right, I sank with hopeless rumination

You threw me in the artic of despair, hoping in freezing temps I’d drown

I breathed out, and kicked, you cannot hold me down


You can try to take me

You can try to break my mind

But my soul is not so easily discouraged by ego’s silly games

My body might be weakened by all these words deranged

Is it Ego? Society? Chemistry? that makes us all insane


We were never born to suffer in this silence

Our souls like birds, caged in prisons of our minds’ violence

Awakening in nightmares, while sleeping in lies

Deaf and distracted to our very Mother’s cries


My soul is made of lava, and I cannot be tamed

I can dance in fire, I came to set this world aflame

I breathe in Sat, I breathe out Nam

The truth is in my name



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