Conquering your world, despite a disability = courage. Talking Bipolar Disorder!

This is too perfect for words ❤️


Hi Folks,

So, I thought I’d write about something very different today. A subject I’ve not touched on before, because, well, I never thought it relevant. However, it IS, so relevant, and as I am a spokeswoman for this particular disorder, (Bipolar),  managing to do what I do with what I have is something to be proud of,  so I thought that I’d share a few tips with you on how to conquer and succeed in whatever you do despite having Bipolar disorder.


Because I know that many of you have Bipolar disorder,  or one of the other mental disorders that lurk and are mostly shied away from by the public,  as if they are akin to leprosy,  to be avoided at all costs.

I also know how scary it can be to work in a world where mental illness is not really understood or accepted, as…

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