From My Mouth

Meeting a friend of Jack’s today, and she brought her kids. As the five kids are running around blowing bubbles, I turn to her and say, “so…wanna just Benadryl the kids and get drunk?” She started laughing and said that she wondered if people actually did that. I said it’s kind of tough to know, you have to find a good, subtle way to ask someone if they’re cool with drugging their children. Come to our Benadryl party isn’t an ecard yet, unfortunately. 

Drugging kids is always an ice breaker. 

Yesterday, my youngest was riding his bike with no helmet. I told him he had to get his helmet on. The adorable little shit goes, “mom, I am wearing a helmet, it’s invisible!” I go, “oh good. I guess if I slap you it won’t hurt!”

“I’ll get my helmet”

I was honestly surprised it worked. Then he’s still without a helmet. It’s invisible again! He couldn’t find his black helmet. I took his bike and told him that was invisible too. 

He was also throwing a tantrum tonight, because he wasn’t playing rock band with us. Jack asked what he was doing, and I said “just cha cha’ing his oppression. 

I somehow gained 15 lbs over like Easter? I am kind of baffled, as I smacked on cheese and pizza tonight. Luckily, we all like to press chocolate into adorably delicious shapes. I seriously don’t get how any of us feel okay biting a bunnies’ head off. I do it, it’s delicious, but what are we teaching our children really? it’s more Black Sabbath than anything. I got myself a giant hollow chocolate egg stuffed with truffles. I also got myself some new yoga pants to hide these excellent decisions. I’m going to get back to actually doing yoga in these pants, so maybe I can lose these beheaded bunnies. 

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  1. I so love your humour!!
    When I worked in a preschool i often joked about putting valium in the kids’ lunches. Of course people laughed because they knew I adored the kids and would never do such a thing. But still, there were days…
    I have always wondered about the bunny head thing too. I think my husband got tired of me making a thing of it…we don’t do easter chocolate or pressies anymore. Actually, I am kind of over presents period. We don’t need more stuff. It’s kind of liberating.

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    1. 😊😊 thank you!! I know exactly what you mean hahaha. I think that so many times with the gang. I wish I had bought less candy for sure because I can’t stop lol.


  2. I thought I was the only one who joked about putting Benadryl in my kids’ Bug Juices! My husband thinks it’s funny but no one else does. I often get the look of shock/disappointment. Anyway, I love your blog! I get the feeling we have the same sense of humor.

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    1. 🙂 Thanks so much!!! hahahaha, I get looks from people all the time. I’m sorry that I’m honest about the fact that my kids are more enjoyable when they’re asleep 😀 hahahaha

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      1. Haha! That’s me! My middle child is the wildest one. He grew out of the terrible 2’s and is now in catastrophic 3’s. I had to follow your blog. I couldn’t resist! 😀

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      2. Mine are 4 months, 3 years and 5 years. Can’t wait to see how much of my attitude they get as teens! Thank You for following! I look forward to your posts as Well! 😀


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