TwIn Flame(s)

Blue eyes like oceans
Salty waters of your love
I thirst for your smile

Cloudy skies gather
Acid rain of tongue’s lashes
Won’t you let me in?

Arms like an oak tree
With kisses that engulfed me
Wildfires of desire burn

Me the tsunami
You the earthquake underneath
Aftershocks of love

Madness burns through me
Frozen in a love unrequited
How can you not feel this too?

You were part of me
I swear it, I am broken
Searching for pieces

You set me on fire
You consumed me still burning
Charred and lost without

Ashes replaced teardrops
Blackening out all the colors
Half is unwholesome

We were meant to be
You gave me reasons to be
Birds can’t fly wingless

Blues now fade to grey
As I resist the decay
Hoping for return

You made me a rose
My thorns of no protection
Turn now to cactus

Here I will remain
One oar short of paddling, half heart
Certifiably insane

What purpose of flame
No twin to ignite the spark
No heat offsets coldness

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