Fear once ruled my life, but it has fallen away from me.  I suppose, when your heart gets broken enough times, hurting becomes the normal.  Happiness, on the other hand, feels alien.  These thoughts I carry, as I smile to you and say, “I just want you to be happy.”  For the first time in my life, I know what they say about love.  For me, just seeing your smile is enough.  I tell you that I just want you to be around, which is true, because when I am around you, life makes sense.

You are grimly determined to guard your heart and pain.  Unknowingly, you have chained me to the cross you are bound to carry.  As I look at you, I can only hope that I can make your burden lighter.  I know I’m strong enough to love you, because for the first time in my life, I am strong enough to love myself more.  Even though it hurts to feel this way, there is a sad and lonely comfort in the hollow of my heart.  I’ve lived long enough with it vacant.

That is why I am fearless.  That is why I remain quiet.  My eyes tell the whole story, anyway.  I am confident you know it all, but we’ll just sit side by side in silence.  No sense stating the obvious.


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