Mirror, Mirror

Do you understand, I already know it?

You say the story ended, before you started

The pain you are describing, feels familiar

Do you understand, I already feel it?

My heart beats stitched in duct tape and honey

Missing the parts I too gave freely stolen

Do you understand, I already see it?

I feel all the parts of you that you cannot see

You protect my mask and see all the lies I am not

Do you understand, I’m already broken?

I’ll keep staring in the reflection of my soul

You keep passing on my heart with blind eyes

Do you understand, I already know it?

The words fall deaf on my dry tongue’s stuttering stammer

I want to hold you and make you see me clearly

Do you understand, I already feel it?

I understand the bottom, it is like home

I am a puzzle made all of corners

You rounded the edges and lessened my frays

You’re not a problem to every question

Just a blanket on my tired lost shoulders

A smile on a face weary and worn of tears

You’re convinced you’ll be my ruin, deaf to me you stay

Don’t go, I whisper, without moving my lips

Goodbye, my reflection slips away once again

Sometimes numbness hurts worse than pain

Do you understand, I can’t be unbroken?

Do you understand my words left unspoken?

Do you understand, I started at the end?

I’m a dead girl, trying to be alive for once

I’m just numbed, trying to feel once again

Goodbye, my reflection turns to dust in a glimpse




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