Osiris to Horus

A sleeping girl, troubled deeply

Nightmares with eyes opened wide

In my weakness, you saw beauty

Whispered softly, “My Love, Awake”

In your eye, I saw protection

In your soul, I saw fate

In your heart, I felt destiny

You made me queen upon a throne

Our perfect Ankh, Ra could not outshine

The love we made would over throe

In my blood, I painted poetry

Upon my words, your soul would fly

When you left, I joined Anubis

He said it was not my time

A mummied corpse came back to earth

Wandering now in search of divine

A dusty flap where a heart once beat

Maggots and rot where once was mind

My tears could flood, denial reigns my defeat

I tell myself… 63 out of 64 is fine, just fine

Drowned awake, again, with eyes wide open

Isis awaits your reincarnation


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