Phased In

Phased Out

Breathless, pulling in, Hopeless, pushing doubt

On my ear you whisper soothing

How you want me for your own

Eye me now in calming storms

A hurricane collision, with the milkiest of ways

Your sensuous lips smile sweetly

Venom’s bliss, romance whisper, a lingering kiss as chaos swarms

A snake devouring the tail, for no end is in your eye

In stars, now we spiral, as your poison becomes mine

Pull me in, please closer, I beg for one little death

The sweetest curl of Cupid, could unfurl inside our night

A heart pulsed with arrows, Artemis hunts in delight

The meekly mortal coil slips to harden all the mighty

Zeus awakened as our dark night became the light

The dew of my thighs, ambrosia for the lion

I curl into your noose and roar your very death knell, 

While your tongue slits me open, lapping calmly of my being

I died inside your arms, as you hung curse-d in my noose

I swoon in my own blackness

As you caress me back to life

Your kisses fall like rain drops, your storm before my calm

We dance no more in darkness, for together we are the dawn



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