Heart Shaped Box

Pandora’s charms unleashed from Zeus’ prison of repression

The Great Depression, a lesson, in session of a life wasted meekly

Rising from roots long buried in my soils and toils

Spoils of war, settling score, of ego’s worthless banter

Above the lies, bellowed in sighs, of useless perdition

Arming up nukes of ill rebuke, shadows come to sunshine

Black can hide the pounds of your thighs, but baby your cancer is showing

Growing a tumor, we love the rumor, of bloodshed unabated

Why love your life, when love stops the flow of all they love to hate?

Nothing to see here, roadkill deer, the highway bypassed the stars

A scar from incision, or was it cesarean? Giving birth to chaos

Yet inside her box, chained with a lock, was the hope we love to deny

As we put up a cross, singing it’s all lost, as the eyes in the sky bind us


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