Dying leaves and verdant grass made a comfy bed

Your wilted mushroom standing, proud fungus of regret

No was on my mind, but blank was the slate

I turned my head aside, found a happy place

Dreaming of an eve in garden, with a worm inside my apple

7 minutes in heaven for you, I tried to focus on the beauty of the dew


Tall tales fell short as you chopped down my cherry tree

Spreading virgin olive oil, as you did the undressing

Tossing a salad – Me a cucumber with anxiety, your baby carrot stalking my celery

Our ballad – your tongue shoved down my throat, choking, groping, hoping

My heartthrob useless, as you played love, prey doe, playdough!

Pounded and kneaded, let’s be honest, the end preceded the grand finale


I always wondered why in all my wordy matters

I can hear the birds chatter

As I demand my own head on a platter

Awakened in my garden, I see all this repressing

It’s depressing, I guess, to know, my darkness, my shit,

Is the soil that made your tiny mushroom grow

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