As white rain falls fluffy on the surface

Snowflake prances on my eyelash

So different, none quite like it

Yet the same

It falls


Shrouded bosom of the Mother, fresh white upon her crown

The browns and greens transform now, splendidly divine

Blankets of frost tease spring’s first blush

In contrast, they dance, a cycle most sublime

Our waters fall from the same sky, all under the same blue

Nourished all as one, frost begets the dew

Colors may reflect, though warmed by the same sun

Agape, I say in eros, I feel harmonious accord

None above or below, yet…


There I see you standing, catching snowflakes on your tongue

Your giggles tickle my insides, like the feathers of a dove

Greedy, I, steal you to my heart, soft echoes beat my love

Your smile makes the sun lazy, your laugh makes the moon crazy

Gaia herself would swoon, for Mother so am I

Oh my baby, that you could stay, forever in minds eye

Oh my joy, that you could stay, innocence eternal

Oh my blood courses for you, through the beating of my heart


As I wax nostalgic………

You exclaim proudly about your fart


To my sweet little ZJ, my laughter and my joy ❤

20 thoughts on “Snowflake

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  1. This is the best poem I read today. This is very good Dana. My little baby 👶, so so sweet , omg wish I could take him in my arms and smother him with love. ❤oh Dana! This is so wonderful !

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      1. Children are so, well, childlike hahaha. It would be nice to stay in that mindset of freedom, and seeing things simple, not compicated. Oh my yes, yes lots and lots of poop, been there. 🙂

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  2. Haha I love it. So beautiful and playful. You definitely captured the reality of motherhood and childhood innocence. especially with the fart ending ❤

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