Phased Out

Lunatic you say, as if I’d be insulted

Insult bears no injury, I grin a Cheshire smile

Smiling is my blessing.  Smiling is my curse.  

Cursing at my inky blackness, your power holds me captive

Captivating feminine, big and small like sweet, sweet Alice

Alice, alas, escaped a heartless Queen, her head and neck Atlas precious 

Preciously perched with a penchant for mirth, 

Caterpillars‘ smoke and mirrors too perfect

Perfection is your blessing.  Perfection is your curse.  

Cursed in phases, I grow and change, for the love of Selene, my nightly butterfly

Butterflies in mind, body, heart, soul flutters a love divine

The maddest of tea parties, I’ll throw you

Madness is our blessing.  Madness is our curse.  

Blessed I embrace you, no cursed fools

As I howl upon your pools

As I transform upon your beauty

As I become the true Queen of Hearts

(…or am I off with my own head?)

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