In Flames

I lie in denial…life is worthwhile.  Waiting … wishing for tongues of flame to seduce. Longing fore days to play with proper cheeks dampened. Kisses enthrall, the dragon remains stalled.  In squalls of tempest bliss, the temptress can erode the shores of assurances.

Nibbling the lobes, fingers that probe, into the blackness kept in vacuums of space. Breathless, choking, stroking, stoking.  Set me on fire, I’ll make a place.  Submission, a missionary precludes, dominance woven in useless interludes.

A prelude to rising sun, as eyes slip behind the moon.  The tides can rush the sands of time, I’d rather drown in you.

With proper provocation, no gravity can hold, when a supernova of desires finally unloads.  Begging with eyes wide as a doe, Venus’ hold can swallow whole. Mars can set fires and burn the world down, but remember…

Troy was overthrown to turn Helen’s frown upside down.

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