Boys I’ve Known

A beautiful poem from a very beautiful woman!

no face woman

Let me tell you a lesson, boy.
That when a Venusian makes contact,
it is because she clearly sees
the suffering of all beings.

She recognises
the struggle of the human species.
She can see
the pain in your heart,
the darkness you hold closest.
She is trying to help you.

She seeks only to console.
Only to offer compassion,
from one soul to another.

She sees beneath
the facade you show to the world.

She can identify
the real self.
She is not fooled
by your clothes,
by your swagger,
by your hard-man act.

She does not see
men and women
as separate entities.
Men to be enticed,
women as competition.

She sees only the soul.
The raw, human spirit.
Swollen with heartache,
bursting with loneliness.

She seeks only to comfort
every living thing that she sees.

And you could see this most beautiful talent clearly,
if you weren’t so…

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