50 Shades of Mass Debating

Flower power, words sour and scour black and white fiction

Dictions of dicktation, with approbation, elation mired in frustration

Musing as my sliver quivers, your tongues give me shivers

Dirty deeds, they heed, I plead no need, no need

On top, don’t stop…can’t stop, won’t stop…

Give me, take me, we go up, we go down,

In wet seas, a man can drown

Hide the desire that fuels the fire, liar liar

Whose pants are on fire? Take me higher, higher

Rabbits felt like purple plastic, nothing to be so read ecstatic

A bullet to my butterfly made me sigh, I swear I heard an angel cry

Battery powered masculinity, robbing divinity

Synthesized lies spreading unhappy reprise

Madonna on her knees praying, they call her whore

Stripping down, who is paying? Money makes it such a chore

Fighting for the upper hand, move the fantasy from the nightstand

Always bickering and dickering, firey tongue flickering

Quickening isn’t sickening, fore, I say, play

Play in the light of day, quiet the din of sin you’re in

Break down the violin, don’t repress, time to profess

Say what you seek, told to be quiet and meek

Not me, says I, gimme thunder in my thighs

Thor’s hammer with Vor’s Wisdom, Tri, I cry

Hands are softer than a bullet’s kiss, nature gives butterflies bliss

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