Double Down

My stranger, a Misanthropic Drunken Loner giving me a Country Boner...The house doesn’t lose, I lied in your arms, calling my heart, broken, as token for your Money Shot. No danger, I plot, to gamble in our Wicked Game. Like a Hooker with a Penis, we consummated to Zepplin’s Ramble.  As I Come Undone, wetnaked, shaking, you whispered why, oh why, does Hootie cry?

On the boulders, we slept, your arms swept Atlas off my shoulders…Your smiles and laughter’s Colors gave my blues to your sapphire eyes, roses red rubies to your violets amethyst.  Our discordant tryst was simplest bliss.

Jacob’s ladder was Stairway to Heaven.  Your Bad Company, all lucky 7’s.  As I threw gems, you gave me rock. My jester, my muse, you showed me Money is free.  Our contrary union, led me to Counting Stars in harmony.  My fears turned to tears, in our Mad World, I became a Diamond.  Sweet Caroline pranced in a Moondance, as I sang I Remember in Autumn. You were the sun to my moon and scars.  Bleed pleasure and pain, my heart was in twain. For you, I came unglued. Yet, roses still red, violets still blue…I never went broke, I split Forty Six & 2.

Without You Here, the house still won, my rock was the unbroken token , turned bleeding lies to butterflies.  When the house lost my gambler, my clown, I told my heart double down.

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