Get lost

Went on a several mile walk all in and around a lake and woods. I got lost, and it was awesome.

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    1. Thanks!! I have to get an instagram set up! Lol

      I’m trying to connect with more than writing, so this was my first stab at capturing what my eyes capture 😊 I’m glad you liked them!!! I hope you’re doing well!!!

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      1. yeah it does ………… but I personally think you should go with the flow, some days you may want to write and some days you may not.

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      1. 🙂 Me too. I’m tired of listening to depression tell me to stay home and in bed. I woke up yesterday, and pretty much raced out the door to the park. I promised myself I’d give myself the best day ever. 4 hours in the park alone, then some time with the kids at the playground. I had intended to go out and dance, too, but my feet reproached me after a 6 mile hike, and to bed I went… I am not my 20 year old party girl self anymore 😛

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      2. Not even remotely. I appreciate it, more than I can say. Last night, I sat thinking how utterly alone I have felt lately. I’ve seemed to have found myself on an island, and I would like to come back to shore. You have been a wave pushing me back, and I cannot thank you enough.

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