Seasons of Change

Summer’s love blew warm winds upon rose cheeks

Dancing, caressing, twirling hairs, fingers manifest dreams

Green and fertile lush embrace ecstatic essences

Scents of honey do lingered with kisses and tongue’s glee

Bittersweet taste tinged a nymph’s dance of delightful delirium

Silky, sensual, sinuously sinful

Fall conjured the wind of change’s chills

Gather the bonfire, music ignite dance and rapture

Red, yellow, orange beauty painting ephemeral fire

Lovely leaves undress naked branches chasing warmth

Roots dig deeply down desperately desolate dirt

Winter’s clutches choked the last gasp of glee

Frost’s bitten neck, bruising porcelain canvas

Hearts ice laden landscapes, Ice Queen now arises

Barren Baroness, bequeathing bleak blights

Until the hearth is lit again

Flames akindle, cindering tinder

Leaving ash as newfound soil

Spring rises from the ashen soil, fertile ground

Ice queen’s eyes melt to tear drops, reigning down her joyous release

Seedlings now of life incarnate, pregnant with perennial possibility

From her loins, sprung forth delightful destiny

Her breasts rounded in love and comfort

Waiting, longing for her summer’s caress

Death’s life, despair’s hope…Nature’s constant vow of change

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