Chaos breeds Creativity – An Itchy Ass Manifesto

Inspired by Alan Watts: “…Write like your life depended on it”

I look around at the world, and I see chaos.  I feel chaos.  I am chaos (so I’ve been told). Right now, so many people feel afraid or confused.  A report was released that another mile long iceberg cracked off the ice shelf in Antarctica. The POTUS seems to be a narcissistic megalomaniac hell bent on destroying everything that does not drive his agenda.   Trump’s election, to me, was just like the iceberg breaking.  We are all being called to do SOMETHING other than argue with each other.  I am a woefully literal person, which is in direct contradiction to my creative nature.  I learned US Government, so I follow the rules of US Government, and what I see everywhere lately? CHAOS!!!!

Where’s the positive here?  Well, it seems like everyone is looking around, shrugging, and saying “what the actual fuck is going on?” CHAOS!!!!!!!!

The dinosaurs have taken over the park.  Most people ARE looking around and saying “That is one big pile of shit.”  Most people I know are looking at the “rule book”, raising an eyebrow, and saying “wait, what?” …I need to have a pile of student loans to HOPE get a job that does not pay for my student loans, then a mortgage to own a house in an economy that I likely cannot sell, and I likely cannot afford my groceries, but I will have credit cards…Sign us all up! That’s if you’re on the positive side of things.  If you are homeless?  If no one is looking out for you? There are people who cannot GET food while I have the privilege of eating disorders. I have the privilege of a psychiatrist and insurance. Think about that – I do.  In the meantime, global warming isn’t not happening, and homelessness is a non issue, let’s just go bomb shit!  Also, hate women, men, homosexuals, heterosexuals, and triceratops.  I’m a spoiled brat by every standard, and I can’t make it work anymore, I just can’t.  I blame the dinosaurs.

In our chaos, many liken Trump to Hitler, and I go BALLISTIC.  You see, this can become Nazi Germany, absolutely.  IF PEOPLE DO NOT STOP HATING EACH OTHER.  Don’t blame Trump for the hatred you have (whoever you are.)  Trump didn’t teach you to hate. Someone  or you taught it.  ORANGOTUS didn’t do it.  What ever person on the other side of the vs. didn’t do it either. Trump is the Queen of England (of hatred) with the potential to be Hitler or Napoleon or Caesar Augustus, or anyone who has risen to power by feeding division with the promise of unity – with THE BEST words.  The greatest words. On the positive, at least this is so glaringly confusing!

Damn girl, where is your positive attitude?  Chaos allows us to be the change we want to see. At this point, the world is inverted, so the impossible is entirely possible.   I am privileged to have internet, a computer, and a mind.  I can reach out to people and give them hope, encouragement, and love.  I can buy extra food to donate to shelters.  These are tiny, tiny gestures we can make.  The impossible is possible, so who knows what else we can do.

Love is not a cherry pick situation.  Positivity is not “Oh my gosh, EVERYTHING IS SUPER!” Positivity, love, and happiness are being.  Genuine. Authentic.  Whole. Well.  The rules have become too illogical, society is toxic, and mental illness is spiking.  None of us were meant to live this way.  Our very nature, our souls are being poisoned.  The apple of knowledge, the curse of Eve, was the belief that we are separate.  “God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, Man destroys God….”  (I’m just saying…)

Christ did not preach “I love everyone, but that one guy over there.  Fuck that guy”  It just didn’t happen.  He did say “Render unto Caesar” so I follow the rules for the most part.    Buddha did not teach “To end suffering, tell your brother he’s an asshole because he’s a republican”  No wise teacher ever taught “Make people feel like shit to feel better”  (Most wise teachers also do not have my potty mouth, but I blasphemously wonder how the Bible would sound with a few f-bombs – I’d say it’d have the best words…) You know where all the other nonsense came from? People and cherry picking.  Every religion has always had one simple universal message.  The path of love – love of self, love of others.  The path varies, and hate, indifference, apathy are good ways to become a dinosaur.

People hate Women, Men, Gays, Racists, Muslims, Refugees, and Trump.  Yes, let’s fight fire with fire.  Let’s complain and divide ourselves more. Let’s allow ego (not even megalomania) to rule.  Let’s just hate everyone and everything until there’s nothing left to hate, and the Utopian society predicted by George Carlin comes true “Earth Plus Plastic”.

No, I won’t, because I can’t listen to can’t.  I am not a dinosaur.  If all I do is stare at the sky asking questions, then that just happens to me.  Better than yelling angrily at an orange dude on TV or getting into Facebook arguments.  (NO, I don’t think your stripper name is funny, Muffin Leopard)

I am tired of having such an itchy ass.  With my apologies to Alan Watts, I must write like my ass depends on it, because laughter (like all art) is medicine. Sometimes, you just have to look around and laugh at the confusion.  In the chaos, try to love the guy, girl, plant, cat, or triceratops next to you a little more…Trust me, I’m working on it myself; I am very, very grateful to be a work in progress.


“See, now I’m sitting here talking to myself…that’s…that’s chaos right there” ~Ian Malcolm

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