Dance Dance Revolution

If I could write a love song, to whom would it be?

The sun, moon, and stars? To sheer gravity?

Gravely I nestle in an empty bed,

Nestling the crown of my heavy head

Empty, yet full, there’s no white or black

I’d give you the skin from my back

Stealing the sun, denying moon’s pull

Yet life without either leaves the world’s biggest fool

The ring of eclipse shows barenaked ladies

Upon all this me, I cannot linger…

The blues have become baby blue eyes

Eyes to the ocean, waves rise and crest

Devotion to beloved, or be love is “to be or not to be”

Ophelia will not be me or you, you see

When no questions can be answered, no solutions behest

For no I can withstand all of these no’s,

No I wants to languish in all of the woes

Suffering no compass save compassion’s collision

Impulse screams fuck this highway, let’s run in the sun

Backwards, forwards, upside down

A harlequin’s tumble seeks Heyoka to erase her frown

Worthy, humble, thunder’s rumble

Lightning crashes, Mother Nature’s heat flashes

Is she lonely? Is she craving a pill?

How would I know, I want Cheap Thrills

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