Star-crossed Lovers

Weary of judgement, pessimism, denial

My scars, my armor shrouded a veil of no avail

Nervously approaching an altar of my own making

Pain perpetual desecrating

A bow to a sacred bough

My path downtrodden, my heart healing

Grace of love, kiss the peace of kneeling

My sister, my brother, what can I do for you?

Your love electrifies without burning

Illuminate truths’ constant yearning

I refuse to listen to the lies of despair

My ears are deaf to hopelessness and defeat

My roots run deep into the earth’s very core

Society deigns hate, whore, sinner, sure

My mistakes were taught by their lies and deceit

Unbowed, I plant and stare you in the eye

Today is not my tears, I cry

Too long, too much we’ve shared this pain

How long, how long, will we thread this chain?

I will not, can not, be imprisoned insane

Succumbing to succubus of cynics

Civilizations of disease, unease, I’ll surely displease

I will not heed the voice of my inner critic

Awake and aware, compassion and care

Embrace you and I, let us let love be the tie

that binds


that heals

this sever

Delusions of grandeur, the manic mind…

Silent no longer, courage makes you stronger

Everything and nothing is the road less taken

Inspired by Carrie Fisher, George Michael, and Prince – beautiful souls woven back into the canvas…

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