Music Monday!

Who am I kidding, all music all the time.

Here’s some songs that are on my mind, and please, give me songs!  I can’t listen to enough!

Oh yeah!!!!

Lady Gaga is my personal hero.  I love her SO MUCH.  (I cannot believe the Grammy’s screwed up James’ microphone last night, come on…)

Speaking of the Grammy’s… Okay, so admittedly, I am the “old school ‘tallica” fan I loved them through Reload, St. Anger infuriated me and I generally gave up.  This song, lyrically though is pretty badass (Even if the Grammy’s messed up the microphone..)

I could write about Avenged for days, too.  This album, The Stage, has blown my mind.  I have listened to it too many times to count.

Rise Against – Savior – LOVE THIS SONG!

Smashing Pumpkins – Landslide – Heard this yesterday for the first time in forever…This song… ❤

My other love – Adele – I just…her voice…

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