Bey Bey!!

Not very bloggish here – anyone else watching the Grammys??

Beyoncé’s performance and Twenty One Pilots in their underwear. This is an incredible night. Glad to be spending it with my kids and their dad, too.

I am thrilled that they can feel this beauty and inspiration with innocent eyes and hearts. I can feel their confidence growing as mine does, and as they’re exposed to music. My mom loves David Bowie, and my dad loves Elvis Costello. They both love The Boss. That’s what started me on the path of the universal language.

My dad took me to my first concert – Smashing Pumpkins. The fact that my kids have embraced music they way they have, guided by me and their dad, I can only hope that the lessons music gives will be second nature. 

My youngest in his finest Grammy’s attire.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you sir! I’ve definitely always been an odd mom, I let them listen to everything, language and all… This, ahem, does get me in trouble occasionally. The princess there may have said Goddamn a few times at Catholic school 😡

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