There lies a sense of longing, which denies the truth belonging

In history, I felt embrace, as wind grows frigid on my face

Yesterday’s tears frozen in time, an old pain silly in rhyme

In union I felt Mary, Mary quite contrary,

Harmony in opposition feeds perpetual contradiction

Jettison the fuel of obsessive reflection

Time slips lost in useless redirection

Bermuda’s triangle crossed my arms and eyes

Gravity’s pull to find truth in the lies

Hollow words spoke, heart broke, air can choke

Apologist proficient but to what end belligerence?

Love was poisoned, clearly, even if my intent was to hold you dearly

Forgive me, I can beg and plea

The mirror’s reflection shows only me

I am unsure how to make amends, you tell me “Let’s just be friends”

I acquiesce with smiles and nods

I’d rather amiable then nothing

Have I created illusion or delusion?

Expectation is toxic, yet nothing is pure logic

I never wanted to be your siren, yet hear I feel your calling sirens

As long as I can keep bleeding, I am thankful for the beating

“My love is music, I will marry melody”

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