Grounding Down

My favorite Yoga routine (Grounding Down in Gratitude – Adriene) brought that missing smile!

Adriene also gave me some giggles, as I was squatting down balancing my root chakra, she said how our ancestors and people all over the world still do so much in this position – including pooping!

That comment made me giggle, almost made me fall out of my Yogi Squat, and reminded me that I take myself way too seriously all the time.  It is hard to be serious when you’re still in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PJ’s.

Being childlike is, I think, the greatest strength that anyone can have.  Childlike in adoration, wonder, gratitude, and attitude. As I was in my pooping squat, I thought of my babies and was infinitely grateful for them.

It reminded me of a silly moment I had meditating.  My daughter was sleeping on my floor, and I was concentrating on my breathing.  She began farting up a storm. I can just imagine her face if she knew I shared that.  Actually she’d laugh, because she thinks her farts are hysterical.  Like Mother, like Daughter, I’d say 🙂

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