Rose Red

A blush across cheeks, or is it anger upon  your brow?

I want so badly to make it go, but you resist, you push

A dagger in my heart, as your hooks are in my mind

You march away as I plead for gentle countenance

Remember, remember, you have forgotten already

The glare overwhelms, as the cupid heart of your lips turns to a sneer

I see your sharpened teeth, as you approach me like a meal

The fists you make frighten, while the hugs you give confuse

The pulling of gravity resists all calls for sanity

Reason and peace seem synonymous with treason

I say I will not cower, but your shadows seem to double

I retreat into the prison, as the sun always seems to burn

The color of your eyes were my compass, but now I worry I’ve lost us both

how can I make you feel the love I have inside?

What have I done that makes your blush turn to anger?

Am I lost, am I found, or have I just opened more worms?

Pandora, Pandora, stop giving me your charms

Pandora, Pandora, I’m lost in Medusa’s arms

I’ve given you apples, but now I feel remorse

I wish for sleep to remember, but the dreams have gotten blurred

I relinquish all the arguments, it’s another day deferred

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