Things I’m looking forward to

I doubt this is profound, but my Aunt is going to teach my daughter and I to crochet.  I was thinking she and I could start working on blankets together to donate.  She’s starting to get anxious like me, gnawing on her nails and everything.  I know she and I both need to do more with our hands and less with our minds.

My favorite blanket is the one my great grandmom made.  It’s massive and heavy and warm.  The thought of creating those memories with my daughter makes me smile so much!


4 thoughts on “Things I’m looking forward to

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  1. I had started learning knitting and crochet, could not complete it, I think writing suits me fine. Do put up a blog when you have finished your first project.

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    1. hahahaha, I should have done a follow up – I could NOT for the life of me get my hands to work properly to do it. I found myself laughing. Like you, writing is the only thing I have connected with like white on rice. It’s natural and easy for me. That’s not to say I give up, but I have to laugh and say “well, I am NOT good with my hands!” hahahaha

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