The days have slept while the nights have awakened

The choking repression sputters the beacon

She acquiesces to all in attempt to amend

The pain has become the constant friend

She sees all the heart aches, blood pumping thinly

She focuses on giving, but feels justly? unrequited

She peeks inside, where love once delighted

Old numbers have disconnected as she has too

Lost in the tears of yesterday’s dew

She opens her heart to let it all go

She wishes again to go with her flow

As her brain feels foreign, the cobwebs collide

She feels sputtering light, seeking to heal her divide

Once there was goddess, now silenced by gods

Ears once opened now rings in confusion

Loneliness and today are the synonyms she prays?

She holds her head trying to silence the demons

Unsure anymore if it’s rightful or treason

When pain is the heroin for heroine

Detoxing to apathy has rifted the smile

Awash and astray to constant denial

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