The Scarlet Letter

Siren Red was her costume

Imbue Hades blackness with passion’s fire

Almond shaped eyes kaleidoscope emotion

Blue for happy, green for jealous, grey for apathy

Smiling coyly, she will pull, curls of Medusa hissing with giggles

A committed heart a tasty treat, faithfulness excused away, vows forsaken

Punishment through pain, Revenge through Renege

Bottomless heart perpetually entwined or in twine

Wrapping or warping the twines further

Labyrinth becomes survival, Minotaur breathing on her neck

The heat of his breath causing quivers to shiver

Fire, ice, confusing sleeping Aphrodite

Medusa brain, Aphrodite heart, Venus lost in the triangle

Heart beating perpetually begging for that which she can’t

Lips tingling sensually for that which she should not

Fingers caressing seeking for that which will not

A bitch in heat, barking ceaselessly at every knock

Her mind carrying a wish for the one who can make Cerberus sleep


7 thoughts on “The Scarlet Letter

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      1. Thank you!!! Your kindness has meant so much to me. I appreciate you reading my blog so much. I have to get back to yours and do some more reading, but your stuttering post inspired me to open up more about me, so I had to write first 🙂

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      2. yeah thanks. I like to know the background of most of my readers helps me bond with them better. This is the only place where we are not judged.

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      3. Admittedly, I cut my tongue and fingers off. I did not want to hurt anyone with my words, because more than anything I want to be compassionate. It’s come away from fear, and moved to a place of, this world…everyone…suffers so much anymore, it’s so poisonous. The most beautiful people I encounter have so much pain in their background. I cannot comprehend what I could do, except say I’m so sorry, I love you.

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